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Model SUB-20 Two-Shank Sub-Soiler used in row or field sub-soiling.  Shanks are adjustable on 4"x7" bar from 30" to 48" spacing.  May be used as a single shank unit by removing on shank and positioning remaining shank in center of bar.  Approx. 19" depth penetration.  Forward positioning of shank allows for ease of penetration and less horsepower requirement.  Used effectively by strawberry growers to reduce compaction between rows.

3-Point Assembly

Ref. No. Part No. Description
49 FR-294 Arm, Lower, Only 4"x4"
50 FR-295 Cap, top for hitch arms 4"x4"
51   Bolt for hitch arm, 7/8" x 6"
52 11-008C Pin, hitch, 1" x 5"
53 11-008D Bushing (2 " CAT. II to III)
54 FR-296 Mast, Plate, RH, only 4"x4"
55 FR-297 Mast, Plate, LH, only 4"x4"
56 CP-36 Bolt, "U" Mast Plate to 4"x4"
57 CP-37 Pin, Mast, 1" x 4"


Shank Assembly

Ref. No. Part No. Description
19 FR-251 N Shank only for drive on point
  FR-251 Shank, only, 1 "x4", 4"x7" bar flat
  FR-252 Shank, only, 1 "x4", 4"x4" bar flat
  FR-253 Shank, only, 1 "x4", 2 " dia. bar
20 FR-254 Cap, shank, 4" x7" flat
  FR-255 Cap, shank, 4"x4" flat
  VC-108C Cap, shank, 2" dia.
21 FR-257 Clamp, shank mounting 4"x7"
  FR-258 Clamp, shank mounting 4"x4"
  FR-259 Clamp, shank mounting 2" dia
22   Bolt, cap " x 6 " (4"x7" & 4"x4")
23   Bolt, shank retaining, 1"x4"
24   Bolt, shank shear, "x3"
  FR-261 Point, shank 1"x21/2" counter sunk
    Bolt, point "x2", hex head, spec
25 FR-261 N Point, Narrow Drive on Type
26 D-232 Roll Pin
27 FR-256 Wear Shin

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