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SW Bed Shapers



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SW-4-36-4 Bedshaper.  This model used for 4-28" - 36" row spacing.  Bedshaper shapes bed 4" in height - aproximately 24" wide on top.  Height of bed determined by size of individual row dividers.  Row dividers are available in 2", 4", 5" and 7" heights.  Bed heights up to 4" can be attained from flat-worked field.  Pre-marked or listed rows required for bed heights exceeding 4" to insure uniform beds.  These units may be attached to Ferguson model power-driven tilrovators or to 3-pt. mounted tool bars, either diamond or horizontal.

Two-row Bedshaper-Sled adjustable 36" - 38" rows, 7" high bed, 12" - 14" across top.  Uniform shaped beds for  transplanting or direct seeding.  Extended pontoons and frame enables you to attach transplanters and maintain bed while planting.

Model 80-80 Ferguson Tilrovator with SW-Series Bedshaper.  P.T.O. driven tiller mulches clods while bedshaper (attached to rear frame bar) shapes beds to uniform dimensions: height of bed from 3" to 9".  Adjacent photo demonstrates shaping of wide vegetable bed 7" high and 61" across top.  Available for most row spacings.  Auxillary bar may be attached to adapt unit planters for once-over planting operation.

Row Shapers Adapted To Transplanter Frames

TOB 100S
4"x4" Sq. Bar
4"x7" Flat Mount


Four Row 42" - 48" Frame
Twin Bars With 24" Spacing
Between Bars To Adapt Fert.
Placement Runners And Row Shapers.
4" Sq. Main Bar W/Choice Of  2" Diamond or 4" Sq. Rear Bar. (Transplanter Bar)


Two Row Frame
42" - 48" Row Spacing
" Diamond Twin Bar
Frame With 24" Spacing
Between Bars Using
TOB 100 Row Shaper


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