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Power Tillage in Action
1100S Series


FERGUSON TILROVATOR shown with bed-shaper.  This once over operation is performing tillage, incorporating herbicide, and leaving a uniform bed that will allow for effective cultivation or spraying for the entire growing season.


bullet2-piece clamp on heavy duty adjustable rotors.
bullet1 " hex rotor shaft.
bulletAll drives sealed and running in oil.
bulletRugged main frame.
bulletExclusive FERGUSON patented blade design.
bulletWide variety of attachments to perform on the farm operations all season long.
bulletHeavy Duty power train for 6-8 plow tractors.
bulletHeavy Duty end drives with RC-120 drive chain and safety couplings.
bulletAll models available in either 540 or 1000 r.p.m. PTO speeds with either Category #2 or #3 hitch.

Accessories Available

~ Bedshapers   ~ Pre-emerge Shields (Cultivating)  ~ Lister Shanks
~ Pump Bracket (Pre-Emerge Spray) 
~ Drive Adapters for Granular Applications  ~ Hydraulic Gauge Wheels
~ Planter Mounting Brackets


Save Time And Labor
80 Series


Model 80-80 Ferguson Tilrovator with SW-1-76-7D Bedshaper P.T.O. driven tiller mulches clods while bedshaper (attached to rear frame bar) shapes bed to uniform dimensions: height of bed from 3" to 9". Above photo demonstrates shaping of wide vegetable bed 7" high and 61" across top. Available for most raw spacings. Auxiliary bar may be attached to adapt unit planters for once-over planting operations.

Model No. 80-80 Tilrovator with SW-2-48-7D Bedshaper designed for tobacco and vegetable growers. Beds are 32" across top and 7" high. Ideal for seedbed preparation and chemical incorporation. Leaves completely level bed top for transplanting and cultivating.

Ferguson Tilrovator Model #80-80 adapted for close row cultivation of vegetables plants - adjustable tunnel row crop shields protects small crop and are adjustable from 6" to 11" opening. Optional 24" diameter rotors available for greater crop clearance. Models available for all row spacings. Base unit standard with 540 rpm, 3 pt lift, gauge wheels (slip clutch optional). Rotors completely adjustable.


bulletHeavy Duty 4" x 4" Main Frame Bar
bulletDouble End Drives w/RC 120 Chain
bulletShear Plate Safety
bullet540 - 1000 RPM
bulletCat II - III Quick Tach
bulletChoice of "L" or "C" Type Blade
bulletVariable Length Rotors From 16" to 24" Dia.
bulletChoice of Rotor Speeds
bullet3 Pt. Lift or Semi-Mounted
bullet1 " Hex Shaft w/Special Sealed Bearings

Proven Best For

~ Seed Bed Preparation  ~ Chemical Incorporation  ~ Once-Over Planting
~ High Speed Power Cultivation  ~Firm Uniform Bed


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